Janet & John  Report: Look Janet! See the funny man on the bike! Reporter: Martyn Date: Tuesday 1st November 2011

David's Tor de Moor 10-10-10 Report: Aye, aye, what’s this then eh? 8.50am on a Sunday morning and I’m being loaded on top of a car, next to……, cor, what a stunner. Look at the frame on her! White, gleaming and pristinely clean.

Martyn's Poem Report: The Night Ride (inspired by ‘The Night Mail’ by WH Auden) Reporter: Martyn Date: Tuesday 27th April 2010

Paddy's Lopwell Dam Dunking   Report: "Dive! Dive! Dive! Reporter: Sam Date: 7th September 2010

Nick's Leat Visit  Report: Freeze Your Bollocks Off! Reporter: Keith Date: 7th December 2010